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1989 Yamaha FZR400
(Sold 9/2003)

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About the Bike:
As stated above, it's an '89 FZR400, approximately 12,400 original miles, pearl white with red graphics, and the solo seat (cowl with no passenger seat and no passenger pegs).  It's almost all original except for aftermarket grips (Super Bike), polished factory wheels (originally white), and Metzeler tires in stock sizes: ME Z3 front, ME Z1 rear.  I bought both the owners and service manuals for the bike and they will be included.

I bought it from a dealership here in Washington, the bike was in the owner's collection for a while before he decided to sell it.  I don't know much beyond that, except I do have the registration from a previous owner which was left in the bike.  As to my knowledge it has never been raced, and there are no signs that it has been converted for race duty.  

It is in excellent condition, except that it was down on the brake side at about 10 mph, I learned to make sure it was fully warmed up after that.  See cosmetic section for details.
It is in great condition and looks almost new, I have people asking me if it's a new bike or a couple of years old. I regularly wash and wax it, and it has been stored in my garage since I bought it.  
Blemishes: The previous owner dropped the seat cowl and chipped the corner.  From my accident the brake side lower fairing has a scrape and a small crack, and the exhaust has some scratches on the end.  I have replaced all the other cosmetic pieces that were damaged (case cover, brake lever, turn signal lens, etc).  I have lowered my asking priced accordingly knowing that the lower fairing would need to be fixed or replaced to make it immaculate again.  

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Fairing scratches and small crack

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Exhaust scrapes
cowl.jpg (24208 bytes)
Broken cowl corner

It is in excellent condition mechanically, it starts right up and doesn't smoke so there are no signs of the common valve problems.  The transmission does not pop out of second gear, but it is a little "notchy" as you would expect from a 14 year old Yamaha transmission.  No problems with the electrical/charging system, it doesn't pop fuses or headlight bulbs and the battery is always charged.  I've had it sit as long as 3 weeks and it started right up.

Here is a brief description of the FZR400, courtesy of the FZR archives:

IN 1988, YAMAHA TOOK AN unprecedented step by importing a class of sportbike into the United States that had previously been available only in other countries.  The machine had a combination of features and attributes never before seen on an American-sold sporting motorcycle.  The bike was the FZR400, and it has the distinction of being the first and only motorcycle of its class to be imported into the United States -- ever.....

.....Just what did this bike have that caused magazine editors to scramble for the keys when it was time to head for the canyons, and serious club racers -- including Kenny Roberts Jr., who cut his racing teeth on one in 1990 -- to hock everything up to and including their firstborn to get their hands on one?  In a word, handling.  This bike was as close to a half-liter GP bike in its overall proportions and chassis dimensions as anything available.  Its chassis numbers set a benchmark which is currently duplicated by every hardcore sporting machine available, including the Ducati 916, the GSX-R 600 and 750, the YZF-R1, and the CBR600F4, to name just a few.

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